“Kompozit XXI vek” is one of the largest suppliers of specialist information for architecture and construction and is able to cover all relevant target groups with its portfolio of trade journals – from planning, including the technical aspects of equipping buildings, through to property management, raw material processing and the manufacture of construction materials, and extending as far as implementation with in the building trade, steel frame construction, civil engineering, and road and tunnel construction. Our trade journals have a good reputation in this specialist world – some of the mare market leaders in their respective sectors. The specialist information, which is professionally edited, relevant to the particular profession and practice-orientated, offers benefits for every day working life, as well as providing insights in to the interdisciplinary processes of the future.

„Construction materials, equipment, technologies of XXI century“

Our scientific-technical edition is made for technical specialists and managers. It contains information about promising developments in the field of design, production and application of modern building materials, products and equipment as well as resource saving technologies. A monthly guide through scientific developments, innovative products and technologies, green building, energy efficiency and sustainable power saving.

„Concrete technologies“

A source of latest scientific and technical information in concrete production for professionals. Famous Russian scientists, industrial research centres such as MGSU (National Research University Moscow State University o Civil Engineering), NIIZHIB, NIC, NII Mosstroy and many others use our magazine as their tool to publish the results of their researches. It contains information about the origin of mortars their evolution as well as the development of nanotechnologies in the production of concrete and also all the innovations referring to innovative equipments are introduced in our magazine. Advanced technologies in the markets of Russia and CIS countries are an essential marketing tool for leading Russian and foreign companies to provide information and advertisings of their products.


„Roofing and insulation materials“

A very popular magazine among professionals specialized in the field of roofing and insulating materials, technologies and equipment. Results of fundamental and applied researches of leading scientists are published in our magazine as well as information on different types of roofing materials used in modern construction: water proofing and sealing, heat-sound-insulating and acoustic materials, facade, heat insulating systems, modern equipment produced in Russia and abroad.

„Dry plasters and mortars“

This journal dedicates it self to the technologies of manufacturing of dry building mixtures, raw materials and the equipment of drymix production, the regulatory frame work and certifications. Scientists and professionals engaged in the field of construction industry publish their results in our magazines.

Exhibition activity

We are engaged in exhibition activities acting as an information sponsor of many international and domestic specialized exhibitions such as „MosBuild“, „Domestic building materials“ etc.

Organisation of seminars

The organization of effective seminars in the scope of business programs of various exhibitions as well as hosting „roundtables“ for producers of building materials, specialists in the field of developing new materials and technologies and those who are directly applying these on construction site is our dedication.

„Kompozit XXI vek“and its international activities

Implementing projects related to the promotion of our magazines in the European and Asian markets and the organization of visits of foreign construction trade shows for Russian companies, the organization of workshops and visits to plants are also services offered by us.